Sunday, 6 August 2017

Claymore 2017

Bathgate Wargames Participation Game  1746 GlenAffar

Three of our club members participated in this game, myself, Lewis and his brother.  We had a great game which flew in.  Under the command of Lord "Elpus" we had to round up the clan, their stock and get the secret of the special whiskey.  All of this would pay tax arrears.  Lord Elpus with the main force sailed up the loch while we would infiltrate from the glen in small parties

Lewis was determined to shoot any thing in tartan, worrying as I had Loyal highlanders. We encountered a number of real and fantastical highland beasts  working us up into a shoot first attitude. the highpoint of which haapened when Lewis shoots and critically wounds Catriona , an old crone with the secret of the special whiskey. then his men are thrown into terror by a ghoullie.

The Dragoons rush on the keep

It started to all look good but the clan warriors were being raised by a piper on the ramparts and came tumbling out of the keep

I had Grant MacPhee now a loyal highlander and hereditary enemy of the local Laird closing in from the other side of the keep

A final over view before the slaughter

My leader challenged and killed the Laird in single combat but the dastardly Jacobite then shot him down with their pistols before charging his shaken men.  Taking our muskets then then trade shots with Lewis killing most of his men.  However we hold the Jacobites up allowing the main force with Elpus to gain victory

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Banjaxed Day of Battle

Saturday came and we had three players, one panzer grenadier  and two british, we chose to play a delaying action the panzer grenadiers would use 650 points but deploy completely on table, against two 450 battlegroups. A 50% point advantage.  The British would play as two separate Battlegroups given their propensity to suffer from command chaos.  Starting will all their recce on table and getting 1d6 reserves each a turn

Battlegroup Preston

Bettlegroup Midders
 Midders had lost all the support vehicles, no comms team, recovery, ammo, 6pr, off board mortars, FAO Dingo had gone and the FHQ was back in their Jeep.

Sherman Platoon commander
 I had two scout carriers and Jp had three Stuart Tanks to wrinkle out the Germans on the 4x10 table, the germans chose the direction of attack and we were playing up the length.

German recce on the hill armed with a 37mm picked off the lead Stuart

From the half tracks we could see this was a well supported pair of Panzer grenadier platoons but could only see one tank a Panzer Ace Tiger with an armoured ammo wagon

 The Tiger 70" away. in this picture it is a coloured blur just to the left of the farmhouse on the far wooded hill , takes out its first kill Stuart no2

One Stuart does make it spearheading the Shermans of Battlegroup Perston onto the flat hill and out of the Tiger firing line this triggers a charge by panzer grenadiers forward and into the attack.  Most of Battlegroup Preston's dying was on this hill

Scouting carriers gets taken out by a panzerfaust 

 Now working my way around to the left I had tried to got right up the middle but changed my mind after the panzer grenadiers flooded the buildings in the centre and then tried to pick off my forward HQ.  20 -30 inch Mg fire from the houses had hit them as they pushed up through the woods however af ter the first shot I rolled a successful Beyond the Call of Duty and hastily drew back to the jeep.

The carrier platoon was formed up the engage the panzer grenadiers in the houses while I hoped the Shermans with the Rams scooted up the left.  the attack on the left knocked out  a hanomag but paid for it in Shermans.  A single survivor of a panzerscheck team blighted by a low ammo counter still put a single successful round into the Sherman Firefly.  in turn he was killed by the bren carrier survivors

Battlegroup Preston battling the Tiger, 17pdr brews up

Rams get into action, the Platoon Command Team is pinned after failing a close assault order
Time was called and the British had lost 25 BP(Preston) and 21(Midders)  The Panzer grenadiers held all of the objectives and had lost 40 from 42 BP

Banjaxed by the Panzer Grenadiers pre battle

 re configured my British this time for a 600 point battlegroup, I was inspired by this garden in Moffat,
ex RAF pilot has his own Spitfire in the Garden

My own mark IX

FAO in Dingo with rocket firing Typhoon

In the battle they didnt appear

Recce Carriers

Sherman tank troop with a n ammo truck and a wrecker

Carrier platoon


a 6pdr with a llyodd carrier

I was expecting this to be a hard fought attack/counter attack scenario battle and to be mauled by panzer grenadiers.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Attack/Counterattack Normandy

With the release of the hardback rule book we have been getting back to Battlegroup Overlord.  We played three Attack counter attack scenarios which saw the US Paras defeated twice in a row by the Germans inside the time it took me with British and JP with Panzer Grenadiers fight the same scenario over four hours. everyone was using 600 point lists.  this gave me

FHQ in jeep, FAO in a dingo
3 Recce Carriers
1 Sherman platoon with 2 extra Shermans
2 Infantry platoons on with a 81mm Mortar

I toyed with the idea on RAMS and should have did it learning the lessons of Normandy.

German startline, this house was an objective

German view brown strip represents a stream this was an objective
 I knew what I had to do take those objectives but I had a long way to go with the British infantry

This carrier became pinned down by MG fire from the hose and the Panzer 4 in Turns  4,5&6 but them rallied and got to the base line dying duelling with a panzerscheck team in turn 10.  The other two carriers survived the game and were a terrible nuisance to the germans as mortar spotters

Britsh lateral advance

Rest of the platoon
The panzer grenadiers came forward and cut down about half this plaoon.

JP won a marginal tactical victory but this was a fantastic game possibly the most enjoyable WW2 game I have ever played

Monday, 19 September 2016

Urban Assault scenario

I have completed the last of the Battlegroup scenarios that I have access to with the Fall of the Reich Urban Assault, buildings were constructed over 20 years ago by Kenny Swanson.

Set  Up and deployed

Soviets are forming up

Snipersabove, machine gun pillbox below

T-34/85 roll forward

A nosey t-70 food for the Tiger

Tiger lets rip bagging it's second t-70 and a flamethrower tank
The new project goal is to buff up these venerable buildings, as I have finished my Soviet Assault Pioneers!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

High Ground Scenario Barbarossa 1941

Barbarossa Battle report German Panzer v Russian Mechanised

I had started out setting up the table for a Blitzkreig British v German bash when the British called off, the Russians were the last minute substitutes.  The Russians players had to literally pick out of the box around a BT-7 company, the German’s were able to revise the list at their leisure.  We were playing the High Ground scenario which gives the defenders an additional trench to defend a hill with an MG Bunker and a minefield.  The fast and furious early war tank battles are greatly enjoyed by our group!  We elected to allow each side to use one tactical co ordination order every turn.  Objectives were the Hill and two Bridges on the river cutting the table at the third way mark.  The Russians could deploy half their forces up to the half way point on the table.

German List

FHQ in Sdfkz 250/3*: Radio van with communications
Armoured Car : Kradschutzen patrol
Panzer 38t Squadron*
Panzer 2c Squadron*
Panzerjager 2 pak38 50mmAT with loader teams and Sdkfz
Schutzen Platoon *3 antitank grenades 4 medium trucks with Anti tank rifle
Anti tank Gun 37mm with loader team and sdfkz 10
Light bridging unit
Requested Stuka strike
  • officer

Russian List

2 Motorcycle patrols
Platoon of infantry + ATR + infantry gun 75mmL/16
BT-7 Company
Sapper squad with Demolition charge
2 obstacles (wrecked kubelwagens)

The Russians deployed the FHQ(1), a platoon of infantry with ATR in the Trench(6): the infantry gun at the base of the hill(1): sappers (1) at the bridge to blow it; and 6 BT-7 tanks and the KV-1 lurking in a wood on the hill.

Recce was deployed then the Russians nominated 4 units on ambush fire all BT-7s on the far side of the river.  We rolled for weather and it was bad no airsupport as the airfields were fogged up. Germans took the first turn without their stuka strike The German Initial wave 16 units Panzerjagers(4): infantry squad in truck(3): 5 panzer 2s(5):Schtzen Platoon command with ATR team(3).

Turn1 General advance Panzer 2s right up the road to the fork already covered by the Armoured car,  where they spread out.  Armoured car advances.  One Pazerjager guns make for the hills.  One on the south bank is covered by the recce motorcycle and the infantry platoon commander and the infantry squad.  The gun deploys then the motorcycle attempts a drive by of the BT-7s but is destroyed by ambush MGfire first blood for the Russians!  The recce Mg supresses the Pak38 crew before the  emboldened the BT-7 then races around the corner and close assaults the Anti tank gun crushing it under its tracks.  Fire is attempted against the panzer2s by the second BT(Iron Ivan) and the infantry move down the hill to support the sappers and the infantry gun.

Turn2  The BT-7s suffers the wrath of the panzer 2, revenge is dealt out for the pak38s destruction and the other unfortunate crew of  Iron Ivan  is suppressed.  The German infantry dismounts and MG squads shoots up the Russian recce bike while the infantry squad moves forward to close assault the now suppressed Iron Ivan ,which results in an infantryman detonating on  his AT grenade. The Panzer 2 and Armoured car move to wrinkle out the BT-7s.  The remaining Pak50 is set up on the hill. The Russian phase sees one BT-7 breaks cover flanking the hill but the fire is wide against the Panzer2. Tactical co ordination is used on the suppressed Iron Ivan but only a 1 is rolled for motivation.  Russian infantry now join the sappers and the BT-7 platoon commander(Two Flags) places himself behind the bridge. A chit is taken to rally the suppressed BT -7.

Turn 3 The lead Panzer 2 boldly charges over the wood hill and is met by the fire of the waiting BT-7 a hit pins him in palce before he can get his shot off. The Armoured car flanks this but he misses with his shot. The Pak38 goes into ambush. A pair  Panzer 2s fire on Iron Ivan resulting in more suppression, the infantry squad tries another close assault with another man dying, with so many glancing shots the squad loses heart and is pinned in the trees.  The platoon commander is trucked up and dismounts with the ATR team which is thrust forward behind the BT-7 taking a shot which misses Iron Ivan.  Two Flags on the far side of the bridge takes out the German ATR team, and kills 3 out of 6 of the platoon command group.  The Russians then goes on to again tactically co ordinates Iron Ivan this time successfully, Iron Ivan takes a shot at the Panzer2s before pulling back to the bridge. The Soviet players express a need for reinforcements

Turn4 The Pak 36 fires on the Iron Ivan  has two hits but no penetration again the BT is suppressed..  The battlegroup HQ moves forward in his half track. The German Platoon commander moves forward on foot to the pinned Iron Ivan then the MG Squad. Pak50 from the hill moves to get arc and opens up on Iron Ivan long range not getting the 6 needed to hit.  The concealed Panzer 2 tries to bag Iron Ivan they hit immobilise Iron Ivan but don’t force the crew  to bail, the prayers to God are answered, while the second Panzer II fires misses Iron Ivan but also moves forward towards central Bridge.  The German second wave arrives 2 squads of infantry backed up by the radio van reinforce the Big Bridge attack.  The Panzer 38t Squadron with the light bridging unit. The Russians get a low command roll of 10.  The Russains get 6 BT-7s from their reserve and Stal Stal Stal them onto the table in two groups they don’t fire.  Iron Ivan The BT-7 Platoon commander fires twice once at the German HQ half track with He and once against the Pak36 with MG hitting five times but seeing five saves from the soft cover.

Turn5 The Pak 36 fires this time 3 time s with a successful loader role Iron Ivan the first shot is a penetration, the others pure revenge The 38t Squadron moves forward in line the lead tank just cresting the river berm.  The Russians get a very low command roll total of six.  What to do? They don’t bring on their potential 5 reinforcements, the 4 BT-7 tanks go into action, taking their lead from Two Flags who fires twice and the on table reserves move forward to hull down positions at the river berm before firing at the lead panzer 38t with failures to spot and missed shots there isn’t even a glancing hit.  BT-7s move down towards central bridge.

Turn 6.  The German platoon commander storms over the bridge to be met by rifle and Mg fire from the Russian infantry squad, out in the open they fall back over the bridge pinned.  The Mg Squad then crosses the bridge. The Panzer 2s, Pak 38 are now trying to hit Two Flags without any luck.  The Pak36 Crew really get into their stride, again making the loader role and destroy two out of three of the Russian BT-7s that arrived from the reserve. ,.  The Russian players have 34BR in casualties and rallies and can see the Germans have five chits, all their tanks are finished on the west side of the river and most on the East are burning.  Ka-boom the bridge is blown by the sappers, stranding a lone German MG team on the eastside.  This comes under close range infantry fire.  The KV-1 churns into action bearing down on Central Brigade, the remaining 5 BT-7s move on from the reserve using stal stal stal ,area firing at the Panzer2s.

We ran out of time at this point and the Russians lost on Battle rating, tactically they however held their position