Saturday, 28 March 2020

Hellfire Pass Bolt Action


This was sparked off by "Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles" Blog.  In the best club traditions this battle was played on a saturday all DAK figures were painted this week with the Panzer II still only at the basecaoat stage.


3rd Indian Motor Rifle

Subedar Khan in radio truck Regular
Lt Perrie in a car Regular
5 Infantry Squads in trucks Regular
1 infantry Squad in a truck Inexperienced
1 Matilda Regular

No tanks to be seen?


Leutenant Braunbauer
2 Pak 38s
1 88mm
2 Infantry Squads
Panzer 2

Rommel is motoring closeby

Subedar Khan plans that his force rams up the road to Hellfire Pass behind the Matilda, the infantry to turn out in the depressions to attack the objectives. As soon as the Matilda ground to a halt this created a battle of two parts right and left.
Pak38 waiting for 3rd IMR

Khan's plan gets off to a great start the Matilda advances hits the 88 and kills one crew. In return the 88 and both Pak 38 roll 2s and miss.
A Preparatory Bombardment is called by FO but it is delayed to Turn 2 and moved 12” covering the 88(3pins), the Pak38(3 pins), a infantry Squad(3 pins) and the advancing Panzer 2(2pins).  The Indians advance into the depressions.  Perrie’s saloon is shot up by long range MG fire killing his two companions. 

  The Panzer II races into a depression to get at two trucks.

Turn 3 The Matilda misses the 88. The Panzer II shoots up both trucks the passengers bail out with 4 killed and wounded.  Khan leads the remnants of the squads in revenge they manage a hit and pin the veteran crew. The DAK infantry advances in the rough ground to support the Panzer II. The Matilda is hit by the 88 and both Pak 38s
Turn 4 The Panzer II swiftly departs the depression.  Perrie tries a mad charge to the right hand objective, he is killed by Dak rifle fire and the squad he leads forward pinned down, the Indians on the German right then cutdown the DAK infantry to a lone NCO. 

Drivers Scarper

DAK Britannia Minis

Turn 5 The Panzer II cruises to the centre of the table using auto cannon fire to slice a bren gunner in two advancing  on the centre objective. The 88 crew is still cutdown by Indian rifle fire, the lone NCO suffers the same fate. 

Braunbauer drives an Indian squad to ground as it tries to take the centre objective The right flank Pak 38 is taken by assaulting Indian infantry with one man throwing up his hands. It’s all falling apart for Jerry with the whole right flank gone and Braunbauer alone at the centre position
Turn 6  Indians swarm the right hand objective. Braunbauer kills Khan’s batman, the remaining infantry squad supported by the Panzer II do for the advancing Indians in the centre.
A 3 is rolled and the game ends in a draw.

The best German unit was the Panzer II.  The best  Indian Subedar Khan who even took on the Panzer II.  A easy game for the Indians.  I may replay this game with the German units hidden and dug in or move onto Crusader when the convoy arrives with the Crusaders.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Night fight Pelelieu

 First Lieutenant "Choo-Choo" has to hold the line while the remainder of Company recovers from the first day of Combat.  This is a standard Envelopment scenario game, with nightfighting and Flares.  Flares that dont appear leaving 3rd Platton unable to stop a lot of Nips getting into the rear area.  This was a decisive win for the Japs.

Japs first move onto the table

The Jap FO brought down some tremendous fire on the CP and the centre USMC Squad position then tried to slip past but was taken out by a BAR team who bagged his sword.  Two Jap squads went forward in the centre to back up the already deployed sniper teams, these teams were able to trigger one round of jump trigger fire.
the lone flare of the game reveals a .30 cal nightmare
The heaviest action was close to the beach and the Marines right flank a fire team was moved out of the positions to try to choke of the Jap moves, but they just went full steam past the .30 cal 

Centre .30 team spot Japs on the wire


The .30 cal team did hold out and "Choo Choo" was able to get the Centre USMC Squad into action killing the Jap ofiicer but not stopping two Jap squads and a sniper team getting off table.  the remaining Jap Squad was in the USMC deployment zone.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

USMC Pelelieu 2nd Platoon takes the Bunkers on the Points

This time I am using the Alligator Creek Scenario, with the AT ditch in the first third of the table.
Gunney Stoner Scott is in command with the mortar teams dropping smoke and a veteran squad giving covering fire for 2nd Platoon to cross led by a boot Lieutenant.

The japs try to bring down an artillery barrage on the Ditch, roll a six but then this drifts back and onto the mortar teams, Gunney Scott and the Veterans.  Gunney Scott is then also shot by a sniper, leaving the mortars pinned and down for most of the game.

Fanatics again now dug into the coral
The white stones represent potentail bunkers with coral roofs, the Japanese ultimately Banzai the lead regular Squad of marines but are cut down by sniper and the veteran squad.  Of these 10 men three later recover from wounds.  The boot Lieutenant is killed charging a bunker but in turn it is burned out by a flame thrower team.

Flamethrower team about to burn their second bunker.

Casualties so far on Day 1
Officers  Killed both Boot Lieutenants(1st & 2nd Platoons) Chesty Puller and Captain McCready wounded..Ranks Killed 4 Veteran & 10 regular Marines including  3 NCOS.  11 wounded

USMC Pelelieu Joker Company Lands

Using the Bolt Action Campaign Rules and the Scenario from Empire in Flames but the USMC landing instead on the Japanese.  However gave the Japanese 3 Autocannon in Bunkers on the Point headland over looking the beach.  This was a good scenario to play as the landing craft had to go the to far side of the beach.

I' m working on the terrain as I go along and using the Company Campaign rules.

Entrenched IJA oppostion
Currently I am waiting for more Palm trees Pelelieu is covered in them! My research also suggests the coral is everywhere

An Imperial fanatic

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Flames over the Falklands

I love these aircraft Played the Bomb alley Scenario again, one player decided to do a Vulcan attack at the same time circling over Stanley while 3 Skyhawks  and 2 Mirages did there thing.  The harrier player were novices and kept letting the Skyhawks turn inside them.  Two hours with no result other than intense air fighting. 




Falklands 10 mm British under construction

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

The Guides defending the Kabul Residency 1879

the set up was taken from "The Far Pavillions" and we used the Men Who Would Be Kings Rules.  JP played the Afghans while Willie and Livi took on the roles of Cavagnari and Lt Walter Hamilton.  No survivors but what a fight.
Lt Hamilton bottom right

Early on using the rooftops

Once the stables burned the Afghans came on

More Afghans

Afghans on the roofotps look down on the residency

Nearing the last momemts