Thursday, 27 September 2018

Fortress of Gul Shah

Fortress of Gul Shah

I wanted to play a NW Frontier Game. We were ready to go with a quick choice we had 24 points consisting of Gurkha unit led by a Bullet Proof Burgler, a Sikh gun with a Good chap in command, and two standard Highlander units led by a CAD and the other by a YelIow Bellied BOUNDER.  It became apparent that the imperial attackers are led by the leavings of the Regiment.  the defenders had two irregular foot each with a brave commander and two tribal Infantry who were both the Favorite nephew's of Gul Shah.

The Fortress

Gurkhas in the Rocky

Sikh Gun
This gun did sterling service getting 8 hits on the yellow doored block house, pinning down tribesman trying to rush the Gurkhas and driving back tribesmen attacking the Highlanders

Death to the Gurkhas!

Highlanders under fire
The highlanders, led by "the Bounder" managed to give covering fire to their partner unit who scaled up on the left and stormed the buildings

The attack was a success for the Anglo Indians mainly due to the Sikh gun, they took over the defence.  We then had the Tribesman attack at Dawn with 36 points.
Gurkha sentry gives a warning

Gurkhas have built a sangar at the top of  trail

Only one Gurkha survived the second wave his trait was "Lucky" and he never got to use it

Highlanders did some good shooting

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Barbarossa Recce Screen

Barbarossa 7th Panzer Thrusts forward!
June 1941

Battlegroup Barbarossa battle 500 points a side. Recce Screen Scenario with a victory for 7th Panzer Division taking all the objectives. 

Soviets had a BT-7 Company one KV and a Platoon of infantry in trucks.

Germans had a motorcycle platoon, a platoon of Pz2s, a platoon of Pz38ts, one Panzer 4,a stug  and all radio netted.

Carnage for the Soviets doon the road

They go right

The lone KV finally succums

Soviet Thrust on their left

German back line HQ and Radio Van

Pz38t thrust into the forest

Stuka strikes plastered the Soviets with pins

Panzer 2s cut a dash

Taking ~Bt7 in the flank
BTs on the left wait to strike

Final fight for the last objective

Sunday, 9 September 2018

"Disaster" in the Wallonia

Captain Slaughter's Plan 
Step One Lt Atkins to slip into the town and fix the Germans attention.

Step Two Lt Disaster to seize the road bridge on the British Left

Step 3 Lt Scarlet to attack to take the cross roads on the high road

Battle Commence, immediately poor radio transmission leaves each platoon operating in isolation all three platoons are out of touch with Captain Slaughter in  battlegroup HQ.  In CSM Punishment's opinion Captain Slaughter is the one out of touch with reality.  Lt Scarlett passed through the woods and was killed in front of the White house in this pictures foreground.

Sargeant Sly infiltrates on the river bank

Tommies under the muzzles of MG42

Lt Atkins before he "pushes on"

Lt Atkins kept the jerries occupied, Sargeant Sly hugging the wooded river bank managed to get within assault range of the Jerries but his boys wouldnt charge home pinned down by spandau fire.  Atkins rather luckily got most of the sections into fire positions, rattling fire into their dominate position.

Lt Disaster occupies the Lofthouse
Lt Disaster's lead carrier ran into a Panzer schreck ambush, who in turn paid the price. The last carrier was pinned down repeatedly by nasty Jerries hidden on the second floor of an old wreck.  Disaster later brought down a vengeful mortar stonk.  Jerry had melted away victorious.

Scarletts's death had made the whole company think of vengance on their next encounter with Jerry.  Scarlett had been very popular and known to the men as "Crumpet hunter"

Friday, 24 August 2018

Major Disaster

Major Disaster at Abu Klea

Willie had a scenario ready to go when we arrived in the garage, the table was sent up with a ridge across the middle bisected by a road leading from the desert edge to the Nile.  The British lined up ready to assualt the Arab/Beja held ridge, some confusion as to where the British Naval contingent would arrive. 

Shortbread tin Gordon Highlanders

Masses of River Arabs
The Arabs had artillery in the ridegline sangers with irregular riflemen backed up with four units of tribesman and two small camels units

JPs cannon
Little did the Arabs know what was to hit them Major Disaster with his bugler Corporal Punishment!

Major Disaster leads on the right

The Highlanders led the advance forced into the centre by thorny scrub.  they made good time Doubling right up to the ridge but ending up one unit after another.  The Fuzzies came forward on the Donkey track with Camelry but these were repulsed by Major Disaster and his Hussars

Fuzzy Camels

Under sniper fire

The first highland unit spent sometime pinned down under fire from the Arab shooters, their inexperienced leader was useless to intervene

Highlander Advance
 Once rallied the Highlanders got into the Arb Position forcing them out at bayonet point. Things however became desperate the follow on units didnt advance now under artillery fire.
Pinned down! 
However the tribal infantry refused to close in on them failing order after order to get in

En Bayed

Everyone loves a sailor
The Highland commander was dismayed at the lack of naval support, the Naval Gun did silence the Arab battery but this went unnoticed while the Major Disaster struck, In all the Major crushed four units until he ended up surrounded by Fuzzies

This was a soldiers battle as the Highlander Commander was inexperienced and the Naval Commander was an Idiot however the result was a victory for The Empire

I say?

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Livi's Hannibal in Italy

Hail Caeser  Late Republican Roman v Later Carthaginian 400point Army Battle in Northern Italy.  Livi's army is looking really good he has put a lot of effort into painting figures.  However he is looking for a change of elephants and a round shield punic spearman rather than a long shield which he has, they can become celtiberians.

This battle featured
  •  Masses of Gauls who like Steven Seagal were HARD TO KILL.
  • My 25 year old republican army with one unit of 3 year old Italian allies
  • As befitting an Italian Army no upgraded  troops and only one unit ot Triari
  • My 25 year old little town of Piceum on a hill top
  • Vineyards and one straight road
  • And one Jumbo in the middle of the field that just kept coming back for more
Numidians cutting through an olive grove, the Roam reaction was let them.  Gauls and carthigain spear hung back while Jumbo came at me like and exocet

Livi's Numidians
Velites move into Piceum, I didnt want to get tied up in the town I could just imagine JUMBO crashing around in there

Piceum with Velites
I lined up beautifully with the main command with Principes in the white shields at the front, Italian and Spanish on the far left flank and more Velites

First attempt to kill Gauls

all the Principes are dead, with celts running about the battlefield waving heads, one unit of Hastati lived but here we have the Numidians holding the line backed up by Triari, the triari formed the support in seven combats in the battle before tackling Jumbo

Second attempt to kill gauls

A final victory parade of Elephants under Piceum, closest one in the shot was the beast in the battle


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