Wednesday, 23 October 2019

The Guides defending the Kabul Residency 1879

the set up was taken from "The Far Pavillions" and we used the Men Who Would Be Kings Rules.  JP played the Afghans while Willie and Livi took on the roles of Cavagnari and Lt Walter Hamilton.  No survivors but what a fight.
Lt Hamilton bottom right

Early on using the rooftops

Once the stables burned the Afghans came on

More Afghans

Afghans on the roofotps look down on the residency

Nearing the last momemts

Massive Samurai v Classical Indian

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Tokugawa Ieyasu

My modelling and painting skills are pretty limited, mostly focused on getting the metal where the table is. peter Pig is a manufacturer I love. However I have painted four Samurai armies now, and I think this will be my last, that of Tokugawa Ieyasu in the 1560s.   At that time his name was Matsudaira Kurandonosuke Motoyasu.  Choosing this period I can also do his overlord and pair the army off against the warrior monks.

The man himself

An easy conversion of a Peter Pig Figure just chop the helmet to make a simple style. circa 1564

Honda Tadakatsu

Again a sharp knife on the horned general and I have antlers for Honda Tadakatsu

Banner Shot

Great Peter Pig figures for the ADLG general bases

Imagawa head viewing

Finally some faithful Ashigaru

Friday, 30 August 2019

Samurai Monks

ADLG has been a great system to play encouraging me to get out all the old amies, here is a favourite Samurai, figures are principally Peter Pig.  The main focus has been on the Ikko ikki.  I like to do matching opponents so started re working towards a proper Samurai army that of Togugawa Ieyasu in his early years when he took Mikawa.  He fought the local ikko ikki with the help of his own Samurai Monks.of the Jodo Sect.  The other Pure Land sect of monks were leading the ikko ikki.

The enemy  Abbot Monk command group
I use this group as a commander included in a unit of monks.  I based up the monks as 8 to a base for the Ikko ikki and 7 to a base for the Tokugawa supporters

The Ikko ikki with their own monks
Another shot of the Abbot

Close up of Monks

Samurai in action

Raady for their Slogan

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Turning out at the Red Lion

These pictures are of my Pixie/Gnome army one of the largest I have fielded.  The scenario was based on their shrine being seized by the Evil dead while they were celebrating in the local Red Lion.  The angry little folk spilled out from the pub foregoing any invisibility thus my force remained under 36 points. I backed them up with a wizardling mounted on a unicorn, the Lady of the Woods, who warned them of the impending doom.  Finally I added a Lute playing bard , classed as a cleric to command my lucky unit of "Pixies and other scum" .

Turning out the Red lion the forces form up

The Evil Dead are Raised!
The fighting was brutal for the Undead and the only units holding the Pixies were skeleton heavy infantry formed up in wall of spears.  The Zombies were cut down by Gnomish firepower or the dreaded pixies.  After trouncing three units of undead the pixies were blown, then battered by a lightning strike and finally overrun.  The  Lady of the Woods did manage three consecutive heal thee spells on the Pixies.  However Pixie scouts in the roof of the Red Lion failed to get a shooting activation on the Necromancer.

Skelies on the Roof of the Red lion
The Skelly second wave cascaded over the remaining defenders who started to flee on their little feet

Gnome militia

The Lady of the Woods declares "Run for your Lives"
A great battle with some very funny moments.  Most of my Dragon Rampant armies are based for a woodland theme.  Goblins, wood elves, woodland monsters and heroes.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Men of the North

A dragon Rampant battle the mushrooms were to be carried off by the protagonists. A battle fought and Willie's garage.   The Men of the North faced my gnomes and Pixies.  Such worthy opponents but so hard for them to reach down and kill me.  figures are all Alan Cs.  My battleplan was not to touch the toadstools with a barge pole but to spend by time shooting up the opposition, nearly worked.

Hurrah for the union!

A Johnny Reb battle at Willie's garage, superb blast from the past for us