Saturday, 14 December 2013

Vikings v Anglo Danish

Battle of Red Tree Wood

I really looked forward to this clash on the feasting boards of Ian's hall!  This time we tried out "Kings of War" with an Anglo Danish Army list against the Vikings, This time three vikings Andrew, Ian and James against Chuck and myself as Saxons.  1700 points a side.  The Vikings had 6 regiments (3 warriors,3 spearmen and a troop of skirmishing archers) the Anglo Danes 8 regiments (1 housekarls, 7 freemen levy and 2 troops of slingers).  Each player also had two characters each. We set up with three small hills and a wood, one hill was wooded with prominent  red trees.

"We never kneel in battle before the storm of weapons"

James Bs Viking Noble Warrior, he held up a unit of freemen for most of the game all by himself

Another James B hero "Bikel Marrymore* indulging in the sword dance

A close up of Andrew's Viking archers in Red Tree Wood

The fyrd

The only surviving fyrd unit from my forces

Saxon Queen urges on her freemen, again a surviving unit from Chuck's forces 
Chucks Saxons  charge the Vikings

Chuck's huscarls break the vikings then follow up by turning to fight off the viking spears

"The Noble lady told me, 
My head to carry always high in battle
Where swords seek to shatter
The skulls of doomed warriors"

Bikel taking the saxons in the flank, he inflicted over 15 damage markers on the my Saxons armed only with a Sax.

My Saxons took a battering  and knocked out none of the Vikings.  Chuck smashed the Huscarl's into the center, crushed a unit of viking spears then tackled a second unit,however he was overwhelms with a combination of Ian,s hero delivering a rear attack while held by Andrew's spearmen.  Chuck's slingers also defeated the viking bowmen who had left the wood

Monday, 9 December 2013

Battle of the Warboards

Mr friend Ian B loves playing games on a Friday mainly board games but his feasting bench was seized to play a Dark Age Viking v Saxon battle, being a great fan of the Bernard Cornwall Warrior Chronicles I was looking forward to this.  No Uthred to led the Saxons in this battle, who were smashed by rampant Vikings.  We were using cheaphammer "Kings of War" which worked well in the dark age setting, I liked the charge then counter charge idea and both sides jostled to get in the first charges.

"We stepped forward heartend by the Battlethunder of weapons on our shields"

First though came the challenge of heroes, the individual warriors come forward to fight before the sheildwalls clash (we also get a run through of the rules).  A Viking warriors was cut down by my Saxon leader.

However the Vikings continue to Advance, their archers cause my Saxon commander in the Left to set back rather than forward.

"Viking arrows tore at the Saxon Courage"

The Victorious Vikings in their glory they swept up the whole of the left flank with no unit loss. Painted by my friend Andrew.  Now the Saxons will thrist for revenge
ASW Vikings

"Ravens ripped the flesh of Saxon corpses, while Wulfson laughed"

Saturday, 16 November 2013

15mm acw Antietam

A three on three classic club battle with Johnny Reb.  the pictures are from theMid point of the battle,  We had set up with a considerable bit of scaling down.  Four reb brigades faced six union with a further union brigade off the table and potentially AP hill to arrive if we had enough time.  Union me, Sparky and Livi, Confederate John and David P and his younger son.  

The Rebs block the survivors of Burnside's bridge. 

Burnside tried to throw Blue bellys over the chest high water

Rodman's brigade are opposed at the ford
 Livi had a hard time but tried to cross in the chest high  river water rather than get backed up at the bridge, it may have taken off some pressure on the bridge assaulters.  By 4pm  the "cameron highlanders" were able to charge over the heights driving the Rebs back, Rodman had forced his way over the ford.
Driving the Rebs from the Cornfield

Bitter Rebels hold on to the Cornfield
 Cornfield saw massive union casualties but I kept feeding in fresh units through those chewed up overall I suffered 30% losses with but driving the Rebs into the woods.  hooker got a battery of artillery up to Dunker Church and made great play on the Rebs in the centre.

Irish have driven the Rebs out of Bloody land and taken the battery beyond
Sparky smashed through the sunken bloody lane with a massive wave assault by the Irish Brigade, young David had to commit all of his reserves but this left nothing to meet the Union reserve brigade appearing at 4pm(real time) which could march on to Sharpsburg

Saturday, 21 September 2013

10mm WSS Dutch

A great BLB battle today, JP's WSS French attacking a Danish/Saxon Dutch army.  Here are some of the shots of the shots of my Dutch infantry facing the might of Louis 14th  The Danish and Saxons did well but the Dutch Cavalry were outfought by the Gendarmie of France and the maison De roi, losing two third of their strentgh and Obdam's Horse barely making it back to their own lines.

Piedmont destroying their old adversaries "Stuler"

Heidenbach holding the line

The hugenots deployed on the far right in the wood beyond are some fleeing Dutch cavalry

Monday, 16 September 2013

10mm Pendraken Napoleonics

Livi's Black Russians (origins unknown)

A column of Livi's massive Russian Army, 1500 figures plus

Jon Bryson's RHA from his Light Division

Mine! French Dragoons

John Preston's Hussars

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kaiserbosh, Longueval July 16th 1916

After a Dawn bombardment the 9th Scottish Division advances taking half of the village of Longueval from the surprise defenders, before the opposition stiffens, from the 3rd Guard Infantry Division can they take the rest of the village?

This proved to be a furious Kaiserbosh battle based on Scenario 8 for the set up but the Scots are attacking the German defenders, after placing cards many Scots and Germans were cheek by cheek,battle was immediately on.

The Scots have new tactics and weapons, I have new 20mm highlander figures from IT miniatures


IT Miniatures Lewis gunners and the heavily burdened Gunners mate

The Britannia Miniatures signals group(converted) survived the battle but were reluctant to enter this house 

Despite being attacked by an inept bomber who had infiltrated a nearby trench.  The German artillery fire was incessant.  the fighting for this trench was brutal with two platoons bombing each other , the German survivors then machine gunned by a lewis team which in turn was killed in hand to hand fighting by the German HQ group.  Only three Scots survived to retire

After the battle a successful Prussian platoon retires to the German front line they had suffered 30% casualties, taken one prisoner and put 9 Scots to death with bombs, bullets and bayonet. Dirty Huns

The piper plays in the ruins of a building to rally the defeated scots, the major and colonel were killed in the first round by machine gun fire causing the CSM and the piper to cower in this ruin.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Saxons to battle!

Bernicia saxons get ready for the fight!

 their shadows fall upon the enemies from Deira

 The thunder of the shieldwall as they come together

The fallen are dispatched

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Saxons for Dux Bellorum

I started off figure gaming with an anglo danish army, inspired by MacBeth and the army and chose to do Siward Earl of Northumbria and his army of 1054.  However I was then led into the history of Deira and Bernicia.  this is the earlier army of Bernicia  a kingdom  in it's time stretching into lowland Scotland.  co incidentally the heraldic colours associated with Bernicia match those of Motherwell FC.    hopefully they will soon be fighting!