Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kaiserbosh, Longueval July 16th 1916

After a Dawn bombardment the 9th Scottish Division advances taking half of the village of Longueval from the surprise defenders, before the opposition stiffens, from the 3rd Guard Infantry Division can they take the rest of the village?

This proved to be a furious Kaiserbosh battle based on Scenario 8 for the set up but the Scots are attacking the German defenders, after placing cards many Scots and Germans were cheek by cheek,battle was immediately on.

The Scots have new tactics and weapons, I have new 20mm highlander figures from IT miniatures


IT Miniatures Lewis gunners and the heavily burdened Gunners mate

The Britannia Miniatures signals group(converted) survived the battle but were reluctant to enter this house 

Despite being attacked by an inept bomber who had infiltrated a nearby trench.  The German artillery fire was incessant.  the fighting for this trench was brutal with two platoons bombing each other , the German survivors then machine gunned by a lewis team which in turn was killed in hand to hand fighting by the German HQ group.  Only three Scots survived to retire

After the battle a successful Prussian platoon retires to the German front line they had suffered 30% casualties, taken one prisoner and put 9 Scots to death with bombs, bullets and bayonet. Dirty Huns

The piper plays in the ruins of a building to rally the defeated scots, the major and colonel were killed in the first round by machine gun fire causing the CSM and the piper to cower in this ruin.

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