Saturday, 16 November 2013

15mm acw Antietam

A three on three classic club battle with Johnny Reb.  the pictures are from theMid point of the battle,  We had set up with a considerable bit of scaling down.  Four reb brigades faced six union with a further union brigade off the table and potentially AP hill to arrive if we had enough time.  Union me, Sparky and Livi, Confederate John and David P and his younger son.  

The Rebs block the survivors of Burnside's bridge. 

Burnside tried to throw Blue bellys over the chest high water

Rodman's brigade are opposed at the ford
 Livi had a hard time but tried to cross in the chest high  river water rather than get backed up at the bridge, it may have taken off some pressure on the bridge assaulters.  By 4pm  the "cameron highlanders" were able to charge over the heights driving the Rebs back, Rodman had forced his way over the ford.
Driving the Rebs from the Cornfield

Bitter Rebels hold on to the Cornfield
 Cornfield saw massive union casualties but I kept feeding in fresh units through those chewed up overall I suffered 30% losses with but driving the Rebs into the woods.  hooker got a battery of artillery up to Dunker Church and made great play on the Rebs in the centre.

Irish have driven the Rebs out of Bloody land and taken the battery beyond
Sparky smashed through the sunken bloody lane with a massive wave assault by the Irish Brigade, young David had to commit all of his reserves but this left nothing to meet the Union reserve brigade appearing at 4pm(real time) which could march on to Sharpsburg