Thursday, 29 May 2014

Beneath the Lily Banners Swede v Russians

This was a five player game played at Carluke Wargames Club.  Jon Bryson is still completing his Swedish army but you can see some of his fantastic painting already.
The Russian Army was about 50% stronger in infantry with 21 battalions v 15 Swedish, with 24 Russian Squadrons  v 15 Swedish Squadrons. The Russains had 6 field guns to 3 Swedish.  A Polish ally was deployed but didnt get into the fighting.  Result Swedish win massacring the Russians.

Polish including their black coated  Scots



My Russian Center

My Russian Center being destroyed

Swedish cavalry close on the Russian left

Swedish Infantry sweep over the grand battery and their fusiliers

Friday, 9 May 2014

Hail Caesar Samurai

After playing a few Early Imperial Roman battles with Hail Caesar I joined the Yahoo group, which led me to the discovery of Rick Priestly file for late samurai armies.  Fantastic, I was eager to play my favorite Japanese armies the Ikko Ikki and using the basic rules I was able to field the following army.  We set up to play at Willie's garage on the last cold dark rainy  night of this year.  

More training
Cant get enough training
Army Lists
Clan 1& 2
Experienced Taisho CD8
Unit of naginate armed Monks
Unit of Teppo Ashigaru, professional
Unit of Yari Armed ashigaru, professional
2 units of Levy Ashigaru
Ally Clan commanded by Willie
A unit of samurai cavalry
2 Units of Samurai foot
Unit of Teppo Ashigaru, professional
Unit of Yari Armed ashigaru, professional
Jp fielded two clans 
Clan 1
Daimyo CD9
2 Cavalry Samurai
2 foot samurai
a unit of monks
2 Tari Ashigaru, professional
1 Unit,small Ronin

Clan 2
Taishi CD8
1 Foot samurai
1 Yumi ashigaru, professional
3 Yari Ashigaru, professional
2 Units,small Ronin

"My right flank"

In command Sohei monks

"They call me The Daimyo"
Battle analysis, first impressions

We did get a different game from the previous Roman battles.  Every peasant unit from clans 1 & 2 got into the fight. The right flank came very close to breaking JP's Clan 2.  JP needed to commit seriously to breaking the peasants and making sure every unit went down.  Use of my commanders became essential to boost the attacks.

Most troops dont give support so movement to the flanks seemed to play a bigger part or the use of reserves for the right moment. The Yari Ashigaru are good enough to hold up the samurai but unlikely to defeat them in one on one combat.  Teppo Ashigaru can do more damage to the samurai. This includes the levy ashigaru

The monks are much better at smashing ashigaru and stand up better to Samurai.

Cavalry do give you mobility but with most units having long spear it takes the edge off their punch. They can get surrounded so this discourages charging a mass of enemy, both Willie and JP cavalry battle stagnated with only one charge made by JP on Yari armed foot samurai.