Thursday, 29 May 2014

Beneath the Lily Banners Swede v Russians

This was a five player game played at Carluke Wargames Club.  Jon Bryson is still completing his Swedish army but you can see some of his fantastic painting already.
The Russian Army was about 50% stronger in infantry with 21 battalions v 15 Swedish, with 24 Russian Squadrons  v 15 Swedish Squadrons. The Russains had 6 field guns to 3 Swedish.  A Polish ally was deployed but didnt get into the fighting.  Result Swedish win massacring the Russians.

Polish including their black coated  Scots



My Russian Center

My Russian Center being destroyed

Swedish cavalry close on the Russian left

Swedish Infantry sweep over the grand battery and their fusiliers


  1. Even better on the table, Jon Bryson is a superb painter of figures