Saturday, 22 November 2014

Livy's Egyptians v Myceneans

I did lots of 15mm Competition gaming  particularly DBM and DBR and still have a library of armies in my bottom drawer, now we are playing Hail Caesar it is an ideal opportunity to get these fine figures out.  this army got me a lot of draws in competition thus good play is a must for it.

Not to mention I have read the Iliad five times, including some passages in Latin the only language I was any good at learning

I deviated from the Hail Caesar Mycean list much closer to the DBM and Iliad version

Heavy chariots, you need to use spears to kill someone in Dendra armour, you want to get close and if you want the loot you need to joust.  The Iliad is littered with bloody descriptions of close in fighting
Medium Infantry Long spears, I think of the infantry being clumped and bristling with spears, skirmishing sub units of archers this actually give them some tactical flexibility

This is a great army as long as you dont get flanked.

Egyptian Chariots
Livy did a great paint job on these

My spear about to be charged
The Egyptians just bounced off

Facing Egyptian spear 
#both sides became exhausted but the Egyptians suffered more breaks

Left flank
Wille on my left flank had a long battle with some archers but rolled over the rest of the Egyptiaan infantry

Egyptian Royal Guard
Superbly painted Sherden Guards

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