Friday, 4 December 2015

C'est La Guerre!

Prussian Fusiliers Advance

This was a fast hard fought Last Argument of Kings battle in Willie's Garage on a cold snowy night. The Prussians had to cross the river via a ford and two bridges and take the town held by the French.  Equal numbers but the the Prussian had some lower quality troops(for them).  I tried to plough most of the foot into Willie in the centre with Sparkie leading the Dragoons.  Livy had the command of a brigade of Hussars fusiliers.
Dragoons join battle

The Dragoons suffer serious set backs in the first wave then second wave suffers sever casualties and are forced to retire massing up on the bridge to rally, all the Prussian infantry were committed with little chance of bursting through the French
Infantry try to blow the french defenders to pieces
Rally the dragoons!
Cinc in the distance moves to call up the Hussars

A combination of disjointed command rolls resulted in a Prussian Defeat, French Victory. Victory for JP and Willie.  The brigade commanders went with the plan.  However I need to remember make the hussars into big units, it keeps the list legal and gives them better battle potential.

"C'est L'guerre"

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Black Powder just keeps on giving as a set of Rules. Today we played a six player French v Prussian battle, the Prussians paid for their blunders, literally throwing six separate double 6s in this battle, three brigades made a bolt for the table edge. The Prussian columns were in chaos

Grenadiers Advance

Grenadiers under heavy French fire

Dragoons to the rescue

Box shot

Box shot

After the battle

Dragoons Tam's heroes

The discraced Curiassiers





Friday, 14 August 2015

Foot Patrol to Battle

We fought a WW2 platoon battle encounter battle last night,at Willie's who had just finished flocking a lovely table.  He also got his new buildings onto the table.

Nobly he decided to advise the two novice German Players facing me with the british and JP with armoured infantry. My opponent had a platoon of German Panzer grenadiers in half tracks, supported by a Pak40 a mortar and an HMG, a Panther and a Panzer IV.

I fielded  a foot patrol , one churchill, 4 rams carrying a platoon and a 6pdr.

Foot Patrol
Entered the table with the foot patrol on the edge of some woods.I worked them into the nearest buildings, holding the rams and Churchill on reserve moves.
Foot Patrol is hiding through the Wall

The German Player deployed swiftly over two thirds of the table, his Panther eventually leading.  He reached the buildings my foot patrol was occupying.  At this point I was ready to spring my trap depolying the reserves, the Kangaroo dismounted with the attached Medic, Piat Team and Light mortar.  The 6pdr pushed forward and unlimbered out of sight of the Panther
Kangaroo,Piat and Mortar

Platoon Command
 The Platoon Command deployed in the little archway, the Piat Team literal revealed themselves to the Panther getting one shot off, the Panther rattled off a pair of HE shots but struck only bricks.
 The 6pdr was then manhandled around the corner and got a lucky hit but no penertration however his  morale roll of "1" pinned the blighter.  We went into a concerted frenzy of 6pdr and piat attacks which failed to penertrate the armour

The German infantry were occupying the houses in the background.
The platoon commander felt a  needed to deal with these as it was now hitting 10.30 pm with less than so the Churchill and the rifle sections rolled into the attack but ended repulsed.  the Churchill missing a rear shot on the Panther with the same beast hitting it twice and penertrating twice.  Game over with the Brits pinned within 10" of the enemy and likely to all go into the bag, however the foot patrol came out in one piece.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Cameronian answer to Tigers.

 Operation Blackcock was fought in January 1945, right in the period of "The Fall of the Reich" battlegroup book.  Most of the fighting took place in the towns on the German Dutch border in terrible winter weather.  Heavy snow alternating with thaws, bogged roads and limitedtank support meant that  The Lowland Division infantry would depending on 6pdrs, piats and sticky bombs.  

Unknown to Lowland Divisional Intelligence,  a battalion of German Tiger 1, rebuilt on a core of Russian front veterans, was ready willing and able to counterattack Operation Blackcock.

My 6pdrs are coming on now, working on the bases, the crews need a wash, highlight and varnish.

Deniston jacket

Goney need the loader crew

or we will be down to stick bombs

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A start on the pinned markers!

"Boys Battalion"

My uncle Robert referred to the 6th Battalion as the "Boys Battalion" no doubt because they were recruited for wartime service only or conscripted.
I get very eager to complete projects so here are three pictures the casualties at their first stage, still to be based touched up and varnished, All three infantry platoons are approaching the same level and the company command.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

British Rifle Company - Cameronians

I have a great deal of admiration for the MadTinHatters handiwork and actually put it to use on the tabletop
I also liked the format he used to outline his goal. However I am using cap badges to mark progress, black and white denotes not started, green background as complete.

My Uncle, Bill Alford served in the 6th Battalion of the Cameronians in WW2 as a runner, "Alfie" and later a dispatch rider.  He later went on to serve in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders after the war mainly because it was easier to pull women in the kilt.

52nd Lowland Division                            
156th Brigade     "Cameronian Brigade"                                        
6th Battalion Cameronians

Company HQ                        Company Section Forward Artillery
                                                                                                Observation Party
2 SMG,2 Pistol, 4 Rifle           8 Runners all Rifle          1 Officer, 1 NCO,2 Radio Radio operator
Jeep                                                                                       Jeep

Company Support Options
Signallers                             Dispatch Rider                    Jeep Ambulance
3 Up to radio operator       Motor Cycle   
Infantry Foot Patrol

First Platoon                        Second Platoon                  Third Platoon
Officer, PSgt,1 Rifle            Officer, PSgt, 1Rifle            Officer,PSgt, 1 Rifle           

Piat(2), Mortar(2) medic     Piat(2), Mortar(2),medic     Piat(2), Mortar(2),medic

Platoon Support Options
Anti Tank Guns                     Heavy Machine Guns          2 LVT Buffaloes

Sunday, 5 April 2015

15mm Russians

I dont buy many armies painted but this was an offer too good to pass, JPs superb work. I also got to win the first battle.  Russians are tough and lucky in Black Powder.

The Enemy!

head to head with the French


Grenadiers in the mist


The Colonel