Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Cameronian answer to Tigers.

 Operation Blackcock was fought in January 1945, right in the period of "The Fall of the Reich" battlegroup book.  Most of the fighting took place in the towns on the German Dutch border in terrible winter weather.  Heavy snow alternating with thaws, bogged roads and limitedtank support meant that  The Lowland Division infantry would depending on 6pdrs, piats and sticky bombs.  

Unknown to Lowland Divisional Intelligence,  a battalion of German Tiger 1, rebuilt on a core of Russian front veterans, was ready willing and able to counterattack Operation Blackcock.

My 6pdrs are coming on now, working on the bases, the crews need a wash, highlight and varnish.

Deniston jacket

Goney need the loader crew

or we will be down to stick bombs