Friday, 14 August 2015

Foot Patrol to Battle

We fought a WW2 platoon battle encounter battle last night,at Willie's who had just finished flocking a lovely table.  He also got his new buildings onto the table.

Nobly he decided to advise the two novice German Players facing me with the british and JP with armoured infantry. My opponent had a platoon of German Panzer grenadiers in half tracks, supported by a Pak40 a mortar and an HMG, a Panther and a Panzer IV.

I fielded  a foot patrol , one churchill, 4 rams carrying a platoon and a 6pdr.

Foot Patrol
Entered the table with the foot patrol on the edge of some woods.I worked them into the nearest buildings, holding the rams and Churchill on reserve moves.
Foot Patrol is hiding through the Wall

The German Player deployed swiftly over two thirds of the table, his Panther eventually leading.  He reached the buildings my foot patrol was occupying.  At this point I was ready to spring my trap depolying the reserves, the Kangaroo dismounted with the attached Medic, Piat Team and Light mortar.  The 6pdr pushed forward and unlimbered out of sight of the Panther
Kangaroo,Piat and Mortar

Platoon Command
 The Platoon Command deployed in the little archway, the Piat Team literal revealed themselves to the Panther getting one shot off, the Panther rattled off a pair of HE shots but struck only bricks.
 The 6pdr was then manhandled around the corner and got a lucky hit but no penertration however his  morale roll of "1" pinned the blighter.  We went into a concerted frenzy of 6pdr and piat attacks which failed to penertrate the armour

The German infantry were occupying the houses in the background.
The platoon commander felt a  needed to deal with these as it was now hitting 10.30 pm with less than so the Churchill and the rifle sections rolled into the attack but ended repulsed.  the Churchill missing a rear shot on the Panther with the same beast hitting it twice and penertrating twice.  Game over with the Brits pinned within 10" of the enemy and likely to all go into the bag, however the foot patrol came out in one piece.