Friday, 4 December 2015

C'est La Guerre!

Prussian Fusiliers Advance

This was a fast hard fought Last Argument of Kings battle in Willie's Garage on a cold snowy night. The Prussians had to cross the river via a ford and two bridges and take the town held by the French.  Equal numbers but the the Prussian had some lower quality troops(for them).  I tried to plough most of the foot into Willie in the centre with Sparkie leading the Dragoons.  Livy had the command of a brigade of Hussars fusiliers.
Dragoons join battle

The Dragoons suffer serious set backs in the first wave then second wave suffers sever casualties and are forced to retire massing up on the bridge to rally, all the Prussian infantry were committed with little chance of bursting through the French
Infantry try to blow the french defenders to pieces
Rally the dragoons!
Cinc in the distance moves to call up the Hussars

A combination of disjointed command rolls resulted in a Prussian Defeat, French Victory. Victory for JP and Willie.  The brigade commanders went with the plan.  However I need to remember make the hussars into big units, it keeps the list legal and gives them better battle potential.

"C'est L'guerre"