Friday, 6 May 2016

Jutland Refight

Using the AH board game 1974 version with the 2004 critical damage tables.  This was the third sequence game using these elderly but excellent rules.  Players were Andrew(Hipper),Ian C(Scheer), Jimbo(Beatty) and myself as (Jellicoe).

Again the Germans went right at the British, Beatty obliged by doing the same.  this saw carnage for the Battlecruisers firing at under 3000yards and popping off torpedoes.  The German destroyers were decimated and the 5th Battle Squadron came in for a hammering from the main German Battleline.  ships are from Tumbling Dice 1:3000 which are excellent models and could be placed on the counters


Ian C

The British


The Battlecruiser colllide!

Jellicoe about to deploy
We played on the floor you need the room but it was easy to pick up and play.

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