Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dwarf v Goblin The Shouting begins!

The King

I started raking about in my old figures and discovered some 15mm survivors, Dwarfs used for playing HOTT.  These were backed up with some sturdy Pendraken Hammers and rough looking mountain dwarfs. The raking continued to discover  treasure of some unpainted/painted goblins.  Lovely figures from RalPalpha they seem to be noisy with a lot of well defined faces.

I tried out Hott campaign but couldnt work up the same enthusiasm, now I have discovered Dragon Rampant, this time I hope the shouting will begin.

Two headed mutants

Before and after mutation!

Which way boss?

Trumpton fire engine with a twist

Dwarf girl?

Pendraken Mountain Dwarfs

Fist Pumping druid


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