Monday, 6 March 2017

Attack/Counterattack Normandy

With the release of the hardback rule book we have been getting back to Battlegroup Overlord.  We played three Attack counter attack scenarios which saw the US Paras defeated twice in a row by the Germans inside the time it took me with British and JP with Panzer Grenadiers fight the same scenario over four hours. everyone was using 600 point lists.  this gave me

FHQ in jeep, FAO in a dingo
3 Recce Carriers
1 Sherman platoon with 2 extra Shermans
2 Infantry platoons on with a 81mm Mortar

I toyed with the idea on RAMS and should have did it learning the lessons of Normandy.

German startline, this house was an objective

German view brown strip represents a stream this was an objective
 I knew what I had to do take those objectives but I had a long way to go with the British infantry

This carrier became pinned down by MG fire from the hose and the Panzer 4 in Turns  4,5&6 but them rallied and got to the base line dying duelling with a panzerscheck team in turn 10.  The other two carriers survived the game and were a terrible nuisance to the germans as mortar spotters

Britsh lateral advance

Rest of the platoon
The panzer grenadiers came forward and cut down about half this plaoon.

JP won a marginal tactical victory but this was a fantastic game possibly the most enjoyable WW2 game I have ever played