Sunday, 6 August 2017

Claymore 2017

Bathgate Wargames Participation Game  1746 GlenAffar

Three of our club members participated in this game, myself, Lewis and his brother.  We had a great game which flew in.  Under the command of Lord "Elpus" we had to round up the clan, their stock and get the secret of the special whiskey.  All of this would pay tax arrears.  Lord Elpus with the main force sailed up the loch while we would infiltrate from the glen in small parties

Lewis was determined to shoot any thing in tartan, worrying as I had Loyal highlanders. We encountered a number of real and fantastical highland beasts  working us up into a shoot first attitude. the highpoint of which haapened when Lewis shoots and critically wounds Catriona , an old crone with the secret of the special whiskey. then his men are thrown into terror by a ghoullie.

The Dragoons rush on the keep

It started to all look good but the clan warriors were being raised by a piper on the ramparts and came tumbling out of the keep

I had Grant MacPhee now a loyal highlander and hereditary enemy of the local Laird closing in from the other side of the keep

A final over view before the slaughter

My leader challenged and killed the Laird in single combat but the dastardly Jacobite then shot him down with their pistols before charging his shaken men.  Taking our muskets then then trade shots with Lewis killing most of his men.  However we hold the Jacobites up allowing the main force with Elpus to gain victory

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