Wednesday, 22 November 2017

First Strike Flames over the Falklands

I was so keen to play with these rules I couldn't wait before the modelling was finished and I had soloed the rules.  throwing everyone into it on a Tuesday night just like the Falklands Conflict itself.  I'll prepared with substitute equipment.  We went raw into the game reading the rules while we played afterall they were only 8 pages, 5 about battle who needs a QR.

The British Player had two harriers each Two GR3s and two FR1s  the Argies had a pair of Mirage 3s on a high level sweep.  

Turn One every one took a tentative move onto the table flying as a pair and checked out the order list, a bit of a struggle to understand energy and action points.  the argie player shows round pictures on his mobile of a Mirage at an airshow and recalls how low loud and fast it was.
Turn Two  First up we saw the SHARs turned into the enemy  the Mirages went supersonic using up 3 afterburner markers in a row but avoiding a bingo result.  The GR3s plough on to their target
Turn Three The  SHARS climb to pass the enemy head on.  The mirages go supersonic again close for a head on pass fire guns roll two 6s and riddle a harrier from end to end the lead SHAR gets a reply and misses. Both Argie  lead and wingman and pull hard to avoid San Carlos SAMs.  It is  also turn towards Stanley the wingman fails for bingo and is low on fuel.  The  SAMs the remain SHAR is still over San Carlos and gets hit by SAM and blows mid air.  The GR3 plough on to their target The result for turn two half the British for forces are out of the game. The original pilots were right to think about combat at medium or high level!
Turn Four The GR3 plough on to their target.  The lead Mirage stays supersonic again 3 afterburner markers closing on the GR3s. His wingman follows and goes low.  The lead Mirage bingos to low fuel.
Turn Five  The Gr3s bomb Stanley airfield, both hits and rack up four damage then try to turn into the Mirages,  he was  more interested in dropping his load playing on to get into the Mirages.  the Gr3s then trys to viff into the Mirage losing a mass on energy.  The lead mirage dives and turns into the rear of the GR3s launches an IR missile he again rolls a 6 blowing the back end off the harrier it crashed on the shore south of Stanley.  The alert team of SHARS enters from the North and 2 Skyhawks from the West.
Turn Six The lead mirage turns into he Atlantic to the east, his wingman turns west temptingly just out of range of the missiles of  remaining GR3 which powers up to 4 energy. The FR1s concerntrate on the skyhawks turning almost due east.  The Skyhawks split north and south over West Falklands.
Turn Seven  The lead Mirage turns back over West Falkand still at 6 energy, his wingman turns north east towards the Skyhawks is he going to cover them?  The GR 3 turns into West Falkland to line up on the lead Mirage climbing up and falling back to 2 energy.  The Alert SHARs close on the Skyhawk heading north at full tilt.  The North Skyhawk doesn't jettison bombs (seriously thinks about it) but turns hard into the SHARs ending over Pebble Island. The Southern Skyhawk turns back towards San Carlos, closing on the Mirage wingman
Turn Eight  The lead mirage turns into the GR3 at full tilt blowing through at 30cm. the Wingman heads for Sancarlos.  The GRs turns and dives  for San Carlos somebody is going to get the rest of his load. the Alert SHARS tryto Viff their way into a firing position but cant trun hard enough. The Skyhawks both head low for San Carlos
Turn Nine and Ten  The lead mirage and his wingman throttle back approaching San Carlos again ,this time with a harrier out to the west.   The skyhawks launch their bombs  (6.6) at Score Hits, the Gr 3 launches missiles and miss with both. the SHARS get their energy back up and one of them bingos for fuel but they cant catch the Skyhawks.

Turn ten was the last turn it had taken just over 2 hours.  all the players would play the rules again two were however still struggling with the concept and balance of the game.  With so many lucky 6s from the Argies and actual harrier shootdowns this gave I think a false impression.  Now to get on with modelling some real Falklands houses and completing the aircraft camo. 

Substitiute buildings for Port Stanley. airfield is burning Turn 5

Turn 10 San Carlos with Skyhawks bombing away while a GR3 tries to toast them

Alert SHAR team
Overall view of the board map at game end

Friday, 3 November 2017

Kent 52BC

Digging out old armies from the past is always a treat for me, we were fighting a battle in Willie's garage using Hail Caeser.  Romans marching to the fort are ambushed on the way there.  Four players two Roman's tao hairy Woads

Caught on the Road, those hairy socks are itchy

Dont you dare kill those mules!

British Cavalry

Charge the fort, woads swarm the walls

The British Superstars

Hundreds of them!

JPs handiwork

Romans ready to deliver the counterblow

The Front Gate