Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Rio Grande Massacre

John Ford's Rio Grande

This game had to go into serious development to get anywhere close to working with my favourite Dan Mersey rules. The Men Who would be Kings.  I love John Ford Westerns and want to match my favourite rules with these without destroying them.

The standard book lists have 
  • the Apaches as 3 veteran irregular Mounted Infantry with Modern Rifles and Field Craft 
  • the 7th Cavalry as 4 Veteran Irregular Cavalry with modern carbines
Play any scenario in the rules, I have several times, and the 7th Cavalry have been shot down, pinned down and most likely defeated by a smart Apache player something needs to go wrong for the Apaches when they roll for orders to get a turn around.

Game 1 cavalry almost wiped out in 5 turns
Game 2 Cavalry wiped out in 4 turns

In later scenarios even giving the Drunk Apaches only an 18 point field force all as Fierce Veteran Tribal infantry the cavalry are still struggling.  the apaches simply go to ground in cover and wait for cavalry, if they feel like it they can rush the church forcing the doora and killing children, Game Over

The forces assemble

Up this street

To this church ready for the apaches

Game 1 saw Quincannon get here

Eight survivors from two dozen

Last Stand

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  1. I play Apache Wars in the 1870’s with these superb rules. I am going to add a Gatling Gun to my US/Mexican forces. Totally un historical, but another dimension to the game. The Apaches are tough!