Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Duel in the Sun

We enthusiastically launched into Bolt Acton, immediately I hatched a plan to paint up my 20mm WW2 Desert Forces which I intended originally to play Battlegroup Tobruk with. This game had four players big livy is less keen, but Willie John and myself are definitely taken by Bolt Action

I set up a patrol clash battle four players two Indian and two German.  Each player entered from a table corner.  The 3rd Indian Motor Rifle v Rommels early war Germans.  I ordered Duel in the Sun, I have an abundance of tanks, which doesnt fit with Duel in the Sun which only has infantry platoon lists.  Undaunted however we plunge on.  

Here are the German force 

My best unit was my Portee on this occasion Australian as the 3rd Motor Rifle didnt has any 2pdrs in real life relying on Australians

In the centre is a PSC converted CMP

Below another PSC CMP conversion this time with a Early War Miniatures load.

We forgot to add pins when units were hit through most of this game but got in two and a half hours of play with a final shoot out between 3 squads of veteran Germans and four squads of regular Indians in the hamlet in the centre of the table.

The tank war book is ordered so I can see us playing this again with more pictures to follow.

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