Thursday, 4 January 2018

Yellow Ribbon Rule amendments

Yellow Ribbon amendments for TMWWBKs

The goal is to fit the John Ford Westerns not reality.

Currently in TMWWBKs the Apache's work and are as hard as nails, hard to kill and win most battles (not like a john Ford Western).  The Apaches must take limited ammunition but are allowed to be Fierce with an Attack Value 5+, their free order is then move.

To reflect the Plains Indians reluctance to charge I would change their free move to Skirmish but allowing all to fire if the range is under 6" thus adding pistol, spear,bow and antique musket fire. This reflects the buffalo hunt tactics. It encourages them to keep moving and to get close.

The difficult question is the 7th Cavalry.

One troop has the senior officer, who has a Bugler, that bugler can use three bugle calls
  • Sound the Rally.  During that turn all units that failed their Rally can re roll but must move a full move to the Senior officer
  • Sound the charge.  All units that failed a move or attack order can reroll but must move a full move towards the nearest enemy
  • Sound the Reverie All units are activated and must stand to

Pistol Packing, most of the time the Cavalry are firing in the charge, in reality US Cavalry had 2 pistols.  I allow them to fire at the end of a movement once or twice, they can have two shots then need to remain stationary to reload.

Last Stand order. Unit cant move, shoots its horses goes prone and counts as in Hard cover.  It tests for every casualty so far in the game on a 1 or 2 that trooper has rejoined the unit.

The Apache figures are from Freikorp bought about 20 years ago.  The Plains Indians from Blue Moon from 5 years ago in all I have fifty mounted indian figures


  1. US Cavalry had two pistols? I do not think this correct, even in the movies. Each had one Carbine usually a Sharps, One 1873 Colt pistol and left their Sabre in storage. I like the idea of limited ammunition for the Apache.

  2. You are correct Simon they only had one pistol issued to them, so wont use that idea. Its one for the confederate cavalry in the Civil War. Maybe just abandon the charge idea as they did in reality and stick to the Mounted infantry option.