Sunday, 4 March 2018

Livi's Hannibal in Italy

Hail Caeser  Late Republican Roman v Later Carthaginian 400point Army Battle in Northern Italy.  Livi's army is looking really good he has put a lot of effort into painting figures.  However he is looking for a change of elephants and a round shield punic spearman rather than a long shield which he has, they can become celtiberians.

This battle featured
  •  Masses of Gauls who like Steven Seagal were HARD TO KILL.
  • My 25 year old republican army with one unit of 3 year old Italian allies
  • As befitting an Italian Army no upgraded  troops and only one unit ot Triari
  • My 25 year old little town of Piceum on a hill top
  • Vineyards and one straight road
  • And one Jumbo in the middle of the field that just kept coming back for more
Numidians cutting through an olive grove, the Roam reaction was let them.  Gauls and carthigain spear hung back while Jumbo came at me like and exocet

Livi's Numidians
Velites move into Piceum, I didnt want to get tied up in the town I could just imagine JUMBO crashing around in there

Piceum with Velites
I lined up beautifully with the main command with Principes in the white shields at the front, Italian and Spanish on the far left flank and more Velites

First attempt to kill Gauls

all the Principes are dead, with celts running about the battlefield waving heads, one unit of Hastati lived but here we have the Numidians holding the line backed up by Triari, the triari formed the support in seven combats in the battle before tackling Jumbo

Second attempt to kill gauls

A final victory parade of Elephants under Piceum, closest one in the shot was the beast in the battle


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