Thursday, 27 September 2018

Fortress of Gul Shah

Fortress of Gul Shah

I wanted to play a NW Frontier Game. We were ready to go with a quick choice we had 24 points consisting of Gurkha unit led by a Bullet Proof Burgler, a Sikh gun with a Good chap in command, and two standard Highlander units led by a CAD and the other by a YelIow Bellied BOUNDER.  It became apparent that the imperial attackers are led by the leavings of the Regiment.  the defenders had two irregular foot each with a brave commander and two tribal Infantry who were both the Favorite nephew's of Gul Shah.

The Fortress

Gurkhas in the Rocky

Sikh Gun
This gun did sterling service getting 8 hits on the yellow doored block house, pinning down tribesman trying to rush the Gurkhas and driving back tribesmen attacking the Highlanders

Death to the Gurkhas!

Highlanders under fire
The highlanders, led by "the Bounder" managed to give covering fire to their partner unit who scaled up on the left and stormed the buildings

The attack was a success for the Anglo Indians mainly due to the Sikh gun, they took over the defence.  We then had the Tribesman attack at Dawn with 36 points.
Gurkha sentry gives a warning

Gurkhas have built a sangar at the top of  trail

Only one Gurkha survived the second wave his trait was "Lucky" and he never got to use it

Highlanders did some good shooting

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