Sunday, 16 December 2018

Battlegroup Bunkers1941

Willie had got some new fixed defences which we had to try out here are some of the pictures I took. it was a good battle for my Soviet defenders.  The German players each had a platoon (one pioneers),  then split up 4 panzer 3s, a sniper team two mortars and a tripod MG team in support. In points terms for Battlegroup two to one for the Germans.

I had 

FHQ in a dug out and well out of sight
2 Platoons of Infantry in trenches  each 1 sqaud in deep bunkers
2 Maxim machine guns in reinforced bunkers
Single 45mm AT Gun with a loader team

This was a massive 15BR with three officers and one dice of orders.  However they fought like Soviet heroes.  The plan was not to go onto the firestep until the fascists had crossed the stream 20" away then the AT Gun would move up to fire.
Tip of the spear closest point to the Germans

Two soviet squad in some trenchline
An improvised deep bunker out at the end of each trench line each held a squad and the platoon commander

The bunker

Willie has some great 15mm Germans that we hardly see on the table.  the germans rolled up to the stream after they had sent in the infantry to cover the Panzers.  Of course they only had 37mm VL guns

Panzer 3s led the Fascist onslaught
Repeated area fire from my soviets pinned down the fascist advance and they had to dig deep into the chit box to get mobile again.  Sniper team picked off the maxim gun in the dugout but I picked a MINE STRIKE counter rolling a six to knock out a panzer3!
 German mortar fire started to rain down but with no effect.

Bunker front on
I had to step up the infantry squads who died like heroes, one squad wiped out to the last man by German fire, but rolling a 6 followed by a 6 .his Beyond the call of Duty saw him kill two of the enemy squad which became pinned down.  Meanwhile the AT gun under tripod MG fire Knocked out all three of the German Panzer threes over the next two turns. Wille had to use his one tactical co ordination to boost  his firepower on the last MG Bunker even so one man survived.  MG bunker still had a single crewman who pinned done the squad below.
Tip of the spear
Just over teo hours and the Soviet BR was exceeded at terrible cost to the Fascists. Two hours closer to the Winter Snows