Saturday, 12 January 2019

550AD Pictish Wicker Man

2019 saw Livi sacrificing to the Pictish gods, with some muttering from the Pictish King that his wife's screams was finally doing some good. The Picts were invading the Saxons and I rolled up a marshy terrain.

We were using armies from the excellent Shieldwall supplement for Hail Ceaser.  Some of my Saxon figures are now 35 years old and veterans of many battles

 I must say the screaming did discourage the Saxon warriors on the left right off advancing towards the  burning tower of wicker. Only the one unit of gesith was able to go forward on its own initiative.

burning in the dawn

The Sacrifice Revealed!

Pictish battleline
The Pictish King had placed the wickerman in his centre his chariots out on my left overlapped me. I had stacked up my left "in column of companies" with the idea they would move forward with some of the light infantry going into openorder and slipping into the marsh.  They were having none of it only the Gesith went forward all the light infantry consistently rolled 9 for command roles and stayed  frozen in horror to the spot.

Saxon left
The highpoint of my battle saw Gesith heavy infantry advance from the centre to support the saxon right, punched a hole through the Pictish battleline suffering only one fatigue and complete a sweeping advance ended by crashing into the last Pictish unit on the table.  My oat takers wrecked that lone unit but didnt break it.  The Pictish King then did a follow me with a foot unit to take them in the rear in turn.

Saxon oat-takers

Saxon left being crushed
The centre had its own problems with moving, a bit sticky in this supplement, eventually they got into action, thes farmworkers are my newest troops Peter Pig Germans.  Here fighting as light infantry.
Saxon farm workers
The left just about to implode, all threee commands had been soundly beaten although my lord was able to race back to his meadhall and ruminate on this disaster.
Before the implosion