Saturday, 16 March 2019

A Bridge Too Far

Alan was commuting back over the pond and as his farewell battle I thought up this little Scenario.  Livi's Undead (Paras) had be raised (parachuted in) behind the Dwarven Bridge Guards.   The White orcs of the North and the Men of the North had to clear the way (British Armour up a narrow road) to save the Undead.  Each had a bridge to cross.  Willie had the Dwarves out numbered 2:1 in points.  with two bridges he was stretched out.  However his Dwarven Hero proved to be my undoing fighting off six attacks over the bridge. The Dwarves lived up to their ethnically challenged reputation and gave my Orcs a right doing.  Jp had the Back fortress line with an army of the West, he had one bridge to cross to get at the Undead and the help of two towers counting as light archers (flak towers)  and fields of toadstools where no undead could be raised (and anti glider obstacles) on his side of the river.

I tested this with buildings but there was no way to shift the Dwarves or other tough fighters so no Arnhem 

White Ors in the second assault
The Dwarf hero had three casualties by this stage but was still dishing it out

Undead face Men of the West
 The Undead were assaulted by the Men of the West promptly here in the background left is a unit of damaged Dwarven heavy infantry.

there are some great figures I think from Copplestones Alan used as his Men Of the North.  his archers fielded as Heavy Archers had some great shooting while his warband soaked up the Dwarven attention
Men of the North Storm their bridge
Archers of the North 

Orc Camp
More carnage on the Bridge
A victory for the good guys.  Maybe next time I will try an accent I got one spell to work in the entire game!