Sunday, 28 June 2020

Cairn Hill Liaoyang

28th August Cairn Hill Liaoyang 12.00hours to 29th August 06.00hours ten hours of fighting 20 game turns

General Oku, 2nd Imperial Army issued the following orders for the attack on Cairn Hill.  The front to be divided into three sectors the central sector Big Fish Hill 4th Division and the two flank sectors to the North focussed on the summit of Cairn Hill 6th Division  and to the south on Tassu Brook 3rd Division.
The central division to advance at 19.30 to seize Big Fish Hill, to hold this position preparing to give fire support onto gun Fort Hill is required then to advance the Russians have been attacked from behind by the flanking force
A division attacking down each flank sector in a night attack, (sunset 19.30hrs) the Tassu Brook Sector to flank the Russian trenches and attack from the rear.
Extra ration to be issued prior to the attack.  

Russian defenders Cairnhill

General Obuku 6th Division attacking Cairn Hill
Register artillery on all targets across the rear of Cairnhill and the Mandarin road and the Corp artillery on Gunfort hill.  To be used only as a last resort.
The attack to initially  concentrate on the centre with MGs supporting the assault.  If no progress change to flank support. Once the first line is taken consolidate then Push on until the main objective Cairn Hill is captured again with MGs support the point of the assault.  No weapons loaded return fire only when pinned and cannot advance.

Turns 1-3 saw general movement in the dark, 9th Siberian Division initial force was confronted by the wall of 6th and 4th Division and fell back through Gun Fort Hill. The Russian artillery pounded Big Fish Hill,  however 4th Division remained on the reverse slopes. 
Turn 3-10 Revealed at times by illumination round sees bitter fighting on CairnHill with the 2nd ESRR driven out of the first line trenches and the Japanese suffering high casualties.  Gun fort is giving fire on Japanese Companies pushing up the Mandarin Road under artillery fire. Gun fort itself is under fire from the Japanese Corp artillery.
On cairnhill  Obuku is with the MG Company almost getting caught by the Russian counter attack, this MG Company allows the Japanese to hold out in the 1st line trenches but quenching their attack.

throught the first line of wire

Second assault

Turn 11 1am Stackelberg leads 1st ESRR in a bayonet charge to clear the Mandarin  Road
By Turn 12 The fighting on Cairn hill looks burnt out with the Japanese holding onto the fist line trenches and delivering MG and mortar fire.  However the fourth Regiment is still infiltrating up the Mandarin road as Stackelberg retires. 

Japanese Flank attack

Whats that noise?

1.30am Brook fort on the other flank has been disturbed, the garrison commander has got illumination to revel 8 battalions of Japanese on the flank with much of the wire cleared.  The fort is swept with MG fire and HE but holds out reinforced by Big Gregory the divisional operations staff captain.  The initial attack is held on the summit by Kossakowski leading his own bayonet charge in the face of Japanese Banzai charges.  Kossakowski is wounded and taken prisoner with the regimental commander.  A mobile MG Company cuts down five Japanese companies on the Summit. 3.30am Stackelberg has sent in the 39th ESRR the last reserve and the Russians win the bayonet fighting but the 39th breaks due to its own casualties.

Kossakowski lead into captivity

Back on Cairnhill the Japanese have pushed right onto the Russian trenches from the flank of Cairnhill supported by the MG fire in the first line trench by 3am. Russian rifle fire is appalling.  Local bayonet charges are made by the Russian culminating in a two battalion charge which is cut up by Japanese rifle fire.  The Japanese artillery are now firing on the reverse slopes of Cairnhill hitting the forming up areas for the reinforcements,  Remarkably by Dawn the Japanese are in possession of Cairnhill.  The 1st Siberian Division has withdrawn.


  1. Another great Japanese victory!

  2. Northern mountains are very strong
    Japanese torrent surges around their flanks
    Horizon is open to us!