Monday, 25 September 2017

Heat and Dust

Sudan 1886

Mahdi forces invade Egypt, we were playing the" To the Last Bullet Scenario" with restricted ammunition.

JPs Beja

River arab shooters

River Arab Swordsmen

Egyptians falling back

Highlanders first volleys
My highlanders are over 20 years old, true veterans!

Beja driven back by Highlanders take another volley
 first game saw a win for the anglo Egyptians, we turned this around rolling a gain for commanders and ammunition I rolled a double 1 giving me an incompetent commander and rolled 1 for ammunition.  I was all for forming square and fighting it out toe to toe, however I was quickly driven back then outflanked.

Beja commander on left

Buildings are close to 30 years old

Creepy Beja

River Arab Gun pounds the square

River Arab shooters pin the square

River Arabs smash into the square!

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