Friday, 12 January 2018

Ghost Division - Recce Patrol

Another tester for Bolt Action this time Blitzkreig Germans looking for a bridge to cross in Northern France. A platoon of dug in British infantry backed by a few tanks lies in wait.  Below them is a lazy river with a big bridge joined by a stream with a Wee bridge.  Willie is loving Bolt Action it is an easy game to play.  This game was played in Willie's garage with his excellent terrain set up and ready to go.  an impartial Johann was drawing the dice for us.

You get into the game play quickly.  A shot of turn two the German trucks race over the Wee Bridge, in the background,  to be joined by the previously repulsed motorcyclists.  

Repulsed motorcyclists currently "Down" but still underfire and taking hits, kills and more pins, the truck was also under /vickers fire on the bridge but failing to actually be damaged

Motorcyclists still down taking hits kills and more pins

British tanks  who got through the battle unscathed, Gerry was truely ambushed.  Below are some after the battle shots.




radio van


37mm AT

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