Friday, 30 August 2019

Samurai Monks

ADLG has been a great system to play encouraging me to get out all the old amies, here is a favourite Samurai, figures are principally Peter Pig.  The main focus has been on the Ikko ikki.  I like to do matching opponents so started re working towards a proper Samurai army that of Togugawa Ieyasu in his early years when he took Mikawa.  He fought the local ikko ikki with the help of his own Samurai Monks.of the Jodo Sect.  The other Pure Land sect of monks were leading the ikko ikki.

The enemy  Abbot Monk command group
I use this group as a commander included in a unit of monks.  I based up the monks as 8 to a base for the Ikko ikki and 7 to a base for the Tokugawa supporters

The Ikko ikki with their own monks
Another shot of the Abbot

Close up of Monks

Samurai in action

Raady for their Slogan

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